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How does the refrigerant coil extract heat?

When a liquid converts to a gas it absorbs heat in a process called phase conversion.

How does my heat pump work?

Your heat pump cools the home like the air conditioner by extracting heat from the home and transferring it to the outside air. In the heating cycle the process is reversed by pulling heat from the outdoor air and transferring it to the inside of your home. Outside air contains heat even when the temperature is extremely cold; however when there is not enough heat in the outside air, your electric heat comes on to heat your home.

How often should I change my filter?

It depends on what kind of filter you are currently using. We use pleated filters which last up to 90 days. If you have pets inside your home or smoke inside then you would want to change your filter more frequently. Filters range from disposables (replace every 30 days) to Aprilaireís (on average, replace once a year).

What should I set my thermostat to?

To save money on your utility bill you could set your thermostat to 68 & lower during the winter and 76 to 78 during the summer.

What is a SEER rating?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER rating of a system is the cooling output in Btu during the cooling season divided by the total electric energy input in watt-hours during the same period. In other words, the higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the unit is.

Why should I have a maintenance agreement?

Having your heating and cooling system cleaned professionally at least twice per year should be just as routine as getting your oil changed on your vehicle. When you neglect to have a maintenance performed, your systemís efficiency will become lower and lower as more dirt gets on your coil (like the car would lose mpg without the oil change). Another benefit is having a technician find small problems before they become catastrophic. Last but not least, having your system cleaned professionally can save you money on your utility bills!

Air conditioners work the exact opposite of the way most homeowners think. Your air conditioner passes the indoor air over the refrigerant coil to extract heat from your home. That heat is then transferred to your outdoor unit through the refrigerant lines where it is released into the outside air. This cycle continues until the thermostat has been satisfied.
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